Emma Knight-Strong

Sustainability Coach, Chartered Environmentalist and Fellow of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment.

I have over a decade’s experience in environmental and sustainability consulting, environmental service design, environmental assessment of projects and sustainability training and coaching.

I am committed to helping businesses work with the environment in order to deliver more resilient products and services.

“Emma is one of the most inspiring speakers I’ve heard present on sustainability and the climate emergency…Her natural and relaxed style invites audience participation and involvement and creates a fantastic energy in the room” Kat Seymour, The Chartered Institute of Building

“I have found Emma to be an inspiring example of female leadership within the Sustainability industry.” Louise Needham, Sustainability Manager, Quorn Foods

Brigette Reid

Environmental and Sustainability Consultant, and member of the Institute of Environmental Sciences.

I have extensive experience working across infrastructure development (esp. renewable energy), investment banking and environmental consulting. I am based in Mexico but works on projects globally.

I am a hands-on consultant with a track record of innovation and collaboration, delivering high quality results on projects globally. I provide strong practical support and guidance to give you the confidence that your approach to sustainability not only meets the legislative requirements, but also enhances your business and operations.

I am passionate and ambitious about making a positive and enduring contribution to the transition to a more sustainable world.

We help businesses make decisions differently. Businesses that embed environmental and social considerations into the day-to-day decision-making process are more resilient to changing public opinion and a changing climate. That, in turn, supports business growth and profit.

We work with businesses at every stage of the sustainability journey. No matter your understanding of sustainability, we can help you work out where to go next. By designing a business strategy that takes into account the three pillars of ‘People, Planet and Profit’, you will have a more stable and resilient business, better able to cope with changes in the market. Think of it as diversifying your operations.

Plain English

Wherever possible we avoid corporate speak. We teach the language of environmental sustainability – importantly we teach you when you need to use it and when you don’t.

Green Arch Consulting combines professional and organised management, business experience and environmental knowledge” Ian Dickie, Director, eftec

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