(2 minute read) Whether you are a start-up, a small family business or a large multi-national, environmental sustainability is relevant to you and a sustainability coach is there to help you integrate sustainability thinking into your operations.

Environmental sustainability integrates ‘people’ (employees, community and customers) and ‘planet’ (water, resources etc) in to the business strategy in order to benefit long term resilience and profit. True focus on environmental sustainability is far broader than waste recycling and energy efficiency – instead it provides a holistic approach that integrates brand management, employee and stakeholder/customer engagement and wellbeing, and environmental efficiency in to a coherent strategy for business continuity and business growth.

So how can a sustainability coach help your business? Below are just some of the services Green Arch Consulting can provide:

Grow the concept – Fundamentals:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility design and implementation
  • Environmental policy, management and strategy
  • Integration of environmental sustainability in to event strategies
  • Communication plan support
  • Editorial and content support
  • Training on sustainability issues in business
  • C-suite training on environmental sustainability

Avoid the Greenwash – branding, products and services viability, reputation and longevity:

  • ‘Greenwash’ filter
  • Stakeholder and materiality engagement on sustainability issues
  • Supply chain assessments (climate resilience and adaptation)
  • Brand sustainability mapping
  • Verification of sustainability claims

Long-Term Horizon – Beyond the basics:

  • Advice on Sustainable Development Goals, GRESB, ISO14001 and a range of other environmental and sustainability standards
  • Sustainability as a business tool
  • Thought leadership strategy and culture shift
  • Long term sustainability risk management
  • Training and coaching
  • Identification of climate and environment megatrends and future risks/opportunities for business


The good news is that a sustainability coach can help you to develop a holistic business strategy that integrates people and planet in to your every day operations. The great news is that doing so helps businesses to drive sustainable profits in the long term.

I am a sustainability coach with 10 years experience in the sustainability sector. I can help you understand how to start mapping out a path to a more sustainable, profitable strategy. Contact me at emma@greenarchconsulting.com for more information. You can find plenty more information on my services and advice to business on my website.