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The concept of sustainability coaching is to empower you, either as a business or an individual, to develop a sustainable strategy that works for you. Whether the need for sustainability consideration is driven by insurance requirements, personal interest, reputational issues or the idea of wanting to stand out from the crowd, the role of the sustainability coach is to empower you to understand and integrate sustainability principles in to your strategy so that you can take the concept forwards on your own.
You know your business/yourself better than I ever will. Therefore my role is not about telling you what to do – instead it is centered on helping you harness the knowledge that you and your people have to deliver a more resilient business or lifestyle. I provide support to businesses and individuals who want to integrate sustainable thinking into their day-to-day strategy. The whole point of my role is to ensure that you don’t need me.
Existing businesses
I provide education and support on the principles of sustainability and can guide you in identifying the resources and information that you need in order to move forward. Instead of tackling issues individually we will work to develop a broad-level strategy and identify how to embed that in your day-to-day operations.
Sustainability professionals
I know from experience how lonely it can be to be a sustainability professional in a broader organisation. I will help you develop your skills and identify strategies for communicating with the rest of your organisation. Your role is important and I will provide support and outside perspective to help you in achieving your goals.
Start ups
Starting a new business can be one of the best times to focus on sustainability. If you get it right first time then you won’t need to make significant changes later on. I will help you in developing your new business strategy to align with sustainability principles. This can help you in communicating your message, selling your business to clients and customers, and attracting investment.
Ever wondered how you can be more sustainable without losing your own identity? How you can integrate sustainability into your life without having to give up everything that makes you you? Do you feel like you know something about sustainability but not enough to make a difference in your life? I will help you to map out a path to a more sustainable, and less expensive, lifestyle in a way that is achievable to you.
Plain English
I will help with jargon busting – teaching you the language you need and helping you to strip it down to its core principles in a way that will help you in bringing your workforce, your family and other contacts on-board.
Working with the assets you have-
Your greatest asset as a business, and as an individual, is your people (workforce / friends / family) – they are the key to unlocking your sustainability potential. I will help you to identify opportunities for empowering your people to aid in delivering your sustainability goals.
Identifying your strengths and your opportunities-
The chances are that some of your practices already align with the principles of sustainability. I can help you identify where your existing strategy aligns. We will then look for the quick wins – what can be done quickly to achieve immediate results? Beyond that we can look forwards and develop your future strategy.
Our work together will help you to design a business-led strategy for integrating sustainability principles into the core of your operations. You will lead this – I am there to provide support along the way.
I am a sustainability coach with 10 years experience in the sustainability sector. I can help you and/or your business understand how to start mapping out a path to a more sustainable, profitable strategy. Contact me at emma@greenarchconsulting.com for more information.